Exterior Update

For those of you following along on Instagram (@madaboutdecorblog) you might recall that J and I were in the process of siding our house in early October. I thought I would share some pictures of the before, during and after!

Overall, the siding was in decent condition. It was cracked in a few spots (it probably didn’t help that J hacked the bottom of a few pieces with a weed wacker) and slightly faded from the sun. The color reminded me of a powder blue suit from the 70s and it didn’t help that the brick in the front was also painted the same gross powder blue color as well, just really rounding out the gorgeous curb appeal. NOT.

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New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when everyone is making their New Years Resolutions; to get healthy, to work out more, to make more money, you’ve heard them all. Typically most people don’t make it past January with their New Years Resolutions, but I wanted to share mine with you all.

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The Anatomy of a Lake House

So a while ago, I went to Michigan for the weekend with one of my best friends and one of our favorite things to do is grab a couple cold drinks, hop on her grandpa’s pontoon and take a lap around the lake. But this year, I found myself looking a little harder at the different types of houses that graced Sister Lakes, MI. The different sizes, styles, colors and even shapes were fascinating to me. The more I looked, the more I realized this would make for a great blog post!

I’m sure when I say “Lake House” everyone pictures a giant house with a ton of windows, a dock for the boat and maybe even a floating pier for sun bathing and jumping in to cool off. While that’s mainly what I found as well, there were a couple different houses I wanted to highlight!

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Herringbone Accent Wall How-To

Hey y’all! Sorry, it’s been a while since my last post, but we had some water leaking into our basement so that has been priority numero uno! Perks of homeowner-ship, I suppose! (Slightly missing our apartment, where I could just call my landlord to fix everything!)

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know I took on a herringbone project late night this weekend! If you’re not following me, check me out at @madaboutdecorblog for an additional look into upcoming projects and other aspects of my life (AKA probs some fat cat pics).

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Refurnishing Furniture Tips

Hey guys! Remember those bar stools I talked about here? Well, sadly they are currently sitting stacked together in a corner of our basement. When we moved to our house, J and I had no where to put them since they were the wrong height for our current island. We toyed with the idea of building a bar height table to go down stairs on one side of our basement to go with the (eventual) wet bar we want to put in.

After realizing that we are not handy enough (YET) to build a table from scratch, we looked into buying one. Turns out, not only are bar height tables hard to find, but when you do find one you like they are SUPER expensive! My dream table (here) was way beyond our budget so I knew the next best thing was going to have to be a thrift shop purchase of some sort.

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How I Personalized a Flipped Kitchen

You hear it all the time, “Kitchen’s sell houses.” For me, this could not be more true! The first time I walked into our house and saw the kitchen, I was sold. I loved the large island, the beautiful granite counter tops and the cool glass subway tile backsplash. The large picture window in the front of the house combined with the windows on the opposite wall flood this room with afternoon sunlight. There were so many things to love about the kitchen, except for one thing.

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The Hunt for the Perfect (Cheap) Barstool

Hello friends! I often get asked by friends and family “Hey Mad, where did you get [insert piece of furniture here]? It’s so cute!” Like I mentioned in my last post I get a lot of my furniture secondhand and then rehab it! Today I’ll be sharing a story of how I bought the a set of barstools to rehab and ended up selling them for a basically brand new set!

First things first. It took me a looooong time to figure out where to look, what to search and how to tell if something is a good deal. Two apartments and a house later, I like to think of myself as somewhat of a thrift shop connoisseur. However, I still make mistakes and bad purchases, which I’ll explain here!

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