Rome Round Up

Well the time has finally come to share my Rome travels! For our honeymoon, J and I took a 12 day Mediterranean cruise through Royal Caribbean. And let me tell you, BEST DECISION EVER! We went to 5 countries (6 if you count the Vatican, which I do!) in 12 days. I like to tell people that our cruise was like an appetizer sampler platter. We got to see so many things in a short amount of time and it gave us a taste of each city and now we know where we want to go back and visit for more than 12 hours!

When we booked our cruise we wanted to be able to go on the “official” excursions, but still have exploring time of our own. We were lucky to find an excursion that would get us into Rome and take us from one major attraction to another attraction. Here is what we were able to see in less than 12 hours!

We started our day off at the Colosseum. We had enough time to go inside and take a tour, however J and I wanted to try and explore a little more. We walked around took some pictures from different angles and tried to sneak a peek inside, as best we could!

One thing to note about visiting the Colosseum, is that there are hoards of people EVERYWHERE. Hang on to your bags and be aware of sketchy people. Major tourist attractions are teeming with pick pocketers. Luckily, we didn’t have any issues with pick pocketers. One thing it seemed like we couldn’t shake, however, were the tour guides every five steps offering “the best tour price” or “buy a ticket from me and skip the line”. While we didn’t take anyone up on their offers, I was pretty skeptical of anyone selling tickets other than the official Colosseum ticket sellers.

Next up, was the explore on your own portion of the excursion (yay!). We were dropped off in a square near shopping, historical sites and landmarks with a map and three hours. With three goals in mind, we set out to our first destination, the Spanish Steps! Once we made it there, I was living out my Lizzie McGuire fantasies asking J to take picture after picture of me. Judging by the amount of other people at the steps, I wasn’t alone in trying to live out those fantasies…

At this point, J was starving (let’s be real, he’s always starving) so we took off in the direction towards our next destination to find food. We saw some amazing architecture on our way. The most amazing part of the walk was looking at all the historical buildings and absorbing everything around me. The culture, sights, and people are the things that stick with you the most when you travel. Also, peep that pasta pic, YUM!

After we stopped for some food, our next item on the agenda was the Trevi Fountain. It took us a while to actually find it, since it is tucked back off the beaten path. Again, the Lizzie McGuire fantasy was real.. Can’t you just see me on the back of Paolo’s vespa, riding past the Trevi Fountain on our way to rehearsal? No? Just me? OK…

Also, spoiler alert, there are police/guards EVERYWHERE stopping people from throwing coins into the fountain. Major bummer, but you can still pretend to throw a coin in and make your wish for pictures! Plus, if you’re feeling a little rebellious (like I was) you can still sneakily toss a Euro into the fountain.

Last stop of the day, was the Vatican City. While we were unable to go into the Sistene Chapel, we did get to check out St. Peter’s Basilica. I’m shocked that in the photo of me in the chapel, my jaw was not on the floor. The basilica was quite literally the most jaw dropping building I have ever seen. The sheer size of the basilica would have been mind blowing, but add that to the intricate details of the floor, ceiling, artwork and holy spaces was breathtaking. I didn’t realize until after we left, that I was too busy looking at everything and therefore took about 3.5 pictures of the insides. Whoops!

One thing to note about the basilica (and 99% of all the churches we visited in Europe) is that in order to enter, your knees and shoulders must be covered, hence the sweater draped over my shoulders in the 95 degree heat.

After spending 12ish hours in Rome, it was immediately decided that we have to go back. The culture, history and food demands more than just 12 hours and I would love to explore the city at night!

Hope you enjoyed my Rome Round Up and don’t forget to subscribe for more house updates and travel posts! I can’t wait to share more with you!

xoxo. Mad

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