FINALLY… a complete bathroom!

Well our bathroom is finally complete! Even though it took us only a week to install the new floors, toilet and vanity, it took an additional four months to paint…. Don’t ask me how that happened, even I, Queen of Procrastination, am fuzzy on the details!

…technically, I do know how it happened, but that’s a story for another day…

After installing the new floors, toilet and vanity, the last thing we needed to do was paint! I wanted to choose a lighter color since it is a smaller bathroom, so I arrived on the green color pictured below. Every room in our house is a shade of grey or blue so I figured green would be a nice departure from the grey and blue!

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 7.28.16 PM.png
I know it looks kinda murky here, but on our walls it really is a lighter more grey green!

Without further ado, I present our finished mini renovated bathroom!

See, the green color is much lighter on the walls! We also swapped out the blinds for a privacy film on the windows which makes it seem much brighter!
We swapped out the vanity, faucet, toilet, mirror and added the towel holder.
I really enjoy having the hooks for our towels, rather than the traditional towel rack. Much easier for multiple towels!
Since we are short on storage, I added this shoe rack for hand towels and some of my hair styling tools, bath bombs, q-tips, etc. It’s functional without being an eyesore!

Overall, I am very happy with how the bathroom turned out. Since we didn’t have the money to do a full reno, our mini reno is doing just fine! Plus, the small changes we have made really make it feel like a different space. Check out the before shots here.

If you’re interested in where we got everything, I’ll post the links below. Spoiler alert though, the majority of the things are from Target. Whoops!

xoxo. Mad

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