Peel and Stick Tile How To

Remember a few months ago when I was going to rip out my tile floors and replace them? And then when I decided to make it a whole weekend out of it by replacing the toilet and then the vanity? Ahh those were simpler times.

After a loooooong week of showering in our basement bathroom (with no heat… in March), we were finally able to reclaim our bathroom, new floors and all! Keep on reading for my how to, along with some after pics!

First up, take a gander at our previous floors. While I didn’t mind the tile, the grout was cracking and chipping. The cracking and chipping led to the tiles breaking. Long story short, we needed a new floor.

I looked into a few different options, new ceramic tile, laminate floor, porcelain tiles and peel and stick vinyl tile. We nixed the laminate floors right away and I couldn’t find ceramic or porcelain tiles that would work with the existing tile on the walls. We landed on a groutable peel and stick vinyl tile.

To get started, we had to remove the current floors, which wasn’t hard since they were already coming up every time we walked across the floor! We used a ice chipper (I know, really sophisticated!) a hammer and a chisel to get all the tiles out.

Once we removed all the tiles, we poured a self leveling concrete down, in order to have a flat surface for the vinyl tiles to adhere to. The self leveling concrete takes about 2-4 hours to cure, but we left it overnight to ensure that it would be set.  This stuff spreads pretty quickly, so be prepared to move fast! Also, make sure any holes in the ground (i.e. toilet or air vent) are plugged up as well.

Now comes the fun part! Like I said before, we picked a groutable peel and stick vinyl tile. It was SUPER budget friendly, easy to install and durable! We started off at the door way, cutting the tile in half in order to start the tile pattern.

To cut the tiles, all you need is a box cutter and a straight edge. Simply, make your line on the back of the tile, cut and break the tile in two! For more complex cuts, like around the toilet, you can choose to cut it on a circular around the toilet hole (I know, I know, there is a more technical term for it, but toilet hole is more fun!). Since we knew our toilet was going to cover our cuts, we made straight cuts in the tile that was going around the hole.

Don’t forget your trusty tile spacers! They really saved our butts in a few places! One all the tiles have been set, it’s grouting time! AKA the worst. Starting from the back wall, we spread the grout, using a grout float, and then scrubbed it off with a sponge! Make sure you gently scrub the grout out, you don’t want to scrub it all away, just enough to get the grout off the tiles.

The grout takes 24 hours to fully set, which means no walking on it! Not even to check it because you’re so excited…. Our grout took an additional week in order for it to become waterproof, which in a bathroom was a huge plus!

I couldn’t be more happy with way it turned out! The dark grey tiles compliment the tiles on the wall without blending in like the old ones! I can also say that after installing these floors almost four months ago, they are holding up great!

Stay tuned for the final after pictures of our bathroom! I promise they are worth the wait!

As always, thanks for reading! Please leave a comment below with any thoughts!

xoxo. Mad

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