Exterior Update

For those of you following along on Instagram (@madaboutdecorblog) you might recall that J and I were in the process of siding our house in early October. I thought I would share some pictures of the before, during and after!

Overall, the siding was in decent condition. It was cracked in a few spots (it probably didn’t help that J hacked the bottom of a few pieces with a weed wacker) and slightly faded from the sun. The color reminded me of a powder blue suit from the 70s and it didn’t help that the brick in the front was also painted the same gross powder blue color as well, just really rounding out the gorgeous curb appeal. NOT.

Here what we did to bring our 70s powder blue house to the 21st century!


Just look at that gross powder blue color! Not to mention the front stoop which was painted the same color as the brick on the bottom!
Check out the random paint spots on the side of the house!
My sad attempt to do something with the ugly front door! I hated the light, the screen door and the house numbers!


Ripping off the old blue siding revealed the original green wood siding and a hidden window! We discovered the window was boarded up to make room for kitchen cabinets on the other side. Also, check out the super sweet maroon stoop!
Starting to come along! We painted the brick a dark grey to go with the new grey siding. Say hi to my brother and J on the roof!
This was the painstaking process of power-washing two colors and multiple layers of paint off the front stoop.


TADA! Here is a list of what we did: replaced the siding, painted the brick, power-washed the stoop, installed a new screen door, painted the front door yellow, added an additional plant and removed the shutters. We still need to go back and finish stripping all the paint off the front stoop, but for now it is a major improvement!

Here is the side by side for a better comparison:


Here are some links for what we bought to update our house.

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