The Anatomy of a Lake House

So a while ago, I went to Michigan for the weekend with one of my best friends and one of our favorite things to do is grab a couple cold drinks, hop on her grandpa’s pontoon and take a lap around the lake. But this year, I found myself looking a little harder at the different types of houses that graced Sister Lakes, MI. The different sizes, styles, colors and even shapes were fascinating to me. The more I looked, the more I realized this would make for a great blog post!

I’m sure when I say “Lake House” everyone pictures a giant house with a ton of windows, a dock for the boat and maybe even a floating pier for sun bathing and jumping in to cool off. While that’s mainly what I found as well, there were a couple different houses I wanted to highlight!

The Triple Decker

This style of Lake House is pretty prominent when there is not a ton of land space, but people still want enough rooms to house their friends and family for the weekends. Instead of building out, they build up! Each level can have their own walk out porch equipped with, what I can only imagine to be, very chic patio sets for early morning coffee or even an evening beer to watch the sunset.

The Triple Decker style house is my friend’s favorite house; as we traveled around the  lake, she pointed out numerous Triple Decker’s, liking each one more than the last.

The A-Frame

The A-Frame lake house, tends to be one of my favorites, because of the simplicity of it! On Sister Lakes, many of the A-Frame houses are rentals, catering to smaller families who are looking for a weekend away to spend on the lake. A-Frame houses often boast bright colors and are usually only one story.

While a couple of the A-Frame houses are two stories, I imagine the upper levels are very similar to a Cape Cod style upper level, sloping ceilings and windows on the ends of the rooms.

The Modern Mansion

I feel like every lake has one of these houses! This was by far J’s favorite house, he kept saying that one day (if we win 30 lotteries) he would buy a house like this.

The coolest part about this house, was the bridge that connected the left side of the house to the right. The right side of this house is a master suite! GOALS!

This Modern Mansion, seriously has it all! A gorgeous walk out basement, complete with accordion style patio doors that slide out of the way to really bring the living space outdoors, an insanely amazing master suite, giant windows to flood the rooms with natural light, and their own private beach. What more could you ask for?

What I really love about this house is the modern elements like the cement combined with the warm colored siding and the brick. It really ties well together and creates a captivating look!

The Classic Americana

It seems only natural that a lake would have at least a couple houses, proudly boasting the American colors! Inside every Classic Americana lake house, I picture a plate of cookies on the kitchen counter and an American flag afghan placed on the back of the couch.

While the house on the right (the red one) is technically a bar/restaurant I wanted to showcase it with the Classic Americana. Can’t you just picture it being a house though?

I love these houses for their giant porches that span from one end of the house to the other. The Classic Americana houses are always certainly in one of three colors; yellow, red or white, and can be spotted by having their American banners up year round!

The Country Chic

While we were riding around the lake, my friend made sure to point out this house. She kept calling it the Joanna Gaines house (which seriously confused J, “Wait, Joanna Gaines came here to do a house”) and she was spot on. This house has all the tell tale signs of a Joanna Gaines style house!

My favorite house for the clean lines and classic color palate.

If you are an avid watcher of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you’ll know that Joanna Gaines LOVES a black trimmed window. There is something so chic and modern about black window frames on a white house! As you can see, this house had all of their windows trimmed in black, which creates a beautiful contrasting effect against the white siding.

Underneath the covered porch are the classic rustic/industrial exterior lights that blend perfectly with this house. There is no question for me, this was my favorite house on the lake!

Take a look at a few of the other amazing, unique houses and drop a comment below letting me know which is your favorite! As always, don’t forget to check me out on Instagram and follow me for any new updates!

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