Herringbone Accent Wall How-To

Hey y’all! Sorry, it’s been a while since my last post, but we had some water leaking into our basement so that has been priority numero uno! Perks of homeowner-ship, I suppose! (Slightly missing our apartment, where I could just call my landlord to fix everything!)

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know I took on a herringbone project late night this weekend! If you’re not following me, check me out at @madaboutdecorblog for an additional look into upcoming projects and other aspects of my life (AKA probs some fat cat pics).

One of the things that I love about our house is the size of our laundry room! I never thought that a laundry room would be something I would get about excited about, but I guess adulting will do that to you.

Even though it’s just a laundry room, I still wanted to spruce it up a little, since people have to walk through it to get to the basement bathroom. I had originally planned on hanging up a floating shelf and a cute laundry sign, but a couple glasses of wine later and 15 minutes on Pinterest and I had different plans for that wall.

Which leads into how I decided I was going to paint a herringbone patterned accent wall in my laundry room. I tried to look online for a tutorial, but I could only find a few pictures tutorials and those did not have enough detail for me so I just winged it! (Ok, so I probably could have looked a little more in depth, but at this point it was already 9pm and I just wanted to start!)

By the way, J was out of town and had NO IDEA I was doing this and I wanted it to be a surprise for him! 

So here is what I did to take a boring white wall to a fun asymmetrical herringbone wall!

Here is the before. Note the random cutout in the drywall and the pipe coming out of the wall. Sometimes I really wonder what the previous owners were thinking!

 Step 1: Measure out the length of your wall and determine how wide you want your columns (stripes? I don’t know the technical term!) to be.

I decided to do my stripes 8 inches apart, as I wanted to be able to paint around the random pipe.

Step 2: Using painters tape, tape off sections from the top of the wall to the floor. Make sure that the tape is the same distance away from the other stripe in all sections. (I ran into some issues near the bottom, which for me was not a big deal since it will be covered by the folding station.)

Step 3: Time to get taping! Depending if you want a uniform look or an asymmetrical look, you will need to tape off sections within each column. I didn’t really measure the space between each section, I just eyed it up since I wanted it to look a little random. If you are doing a uniform look, you will need to measure in between each section, in each column. A uniform look will definitely take more time, but each ways are both very time consuming!

Since I wanted an asymmetrical look, I just went for it! Some of the lines match with the previous column, but some are slightly off!

Step 4: Paint, paint and more paint! This is the easy part! Just paint with a normal roller and brush for the edges. Or if you’re painting a wonky wall, like me, that has random pipe coming out of the drywall, you’re going to need that brush!

Depending on what color paint you chose, you may have to do two coats. For me, I wanted to make sure the blue stood out from the white enough, so I did two coats.

Step 5: Peel off the tape (CAREFULLY) and reveal the fruit of your labor! Make sure to touch up any edges that may need it, and voilà, you’re done!



Yes, I know the bottom of the wall is a little wonky! The tape pulled up the drywall and my lines aren’t the most straight, but the bottom of the wall is going to be covered by a folding table.

And that’s how it’s done! Well, at least how I did it. Is it perfect? No. Could I have spent a little more time doing the math and measuring things a little better? Absolutely! But I am really happy with the way that this wall turned out, for the time (4ish hours) and money ($0, since I used left over paint and tape) I spent on this project. Plus it was a nice surprise for J to come home to!

As always, thanks for reading lovely! There will be a full laundry room reveal coming soon, but until then; leave a comment or follow me for updates!


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