Refurnishing Furniture Tips

Hey guys! Remember those bar stools I talked about here? Well, sadly they are currently sitting stacked together in a corner of our basement. When we moved to our house, J and I had no where to put them since they were the wrong height for our current island. We toyed with the idea of building a bar height table to go down stairs on one side of our basement to go with the (eventual) wet bar we want to put in.

After realizing that we are not handy enough (YET) to build a table from scratch, we looked into buying one. Turns out, not only are bar height tables hard to find, but when you do find one you like they are SUPER expensive! My dream table (here) was way beyond our budget so I knew the next best thing was going to have to be a thrift shop purchase of some sort.

I ended up finding a bar table on the Facebook Market Place about 45 minutes away from us and luckily I was selling an old accent chair in the same area on the same day. After selling the accent chair for $65, I turned right around and used the money to buy the bar table for $50! Pretty good deal, if I do say so myself.

Now comes the tricky part. The bar table does not match my chairs or my style, so I’ll need to strip and restain the table so it goes with the chairs better. The problem is, I have never refinished a table. I have painted a table (boy, was that a pain), reupholstered numerous chairs, and painted a few dressers, but this is a little outside of my realm.

So I’m asking YOU! Do you have any tips or tricks on refinishing wooden furniture? If so, I would love to hear them in the comments or you can reach out using the Contact info!

PS-I promise, you’ll get pictures once its all finished, but if you want to see more you can follow me on instagram to see some in progress pictures!


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