The Hunt for the Perfect (Cheap) Barstool

Hello friends! I often get asked by friends and family “Hey Mad, where did you get [insert piece of furniture here]? It’s so cute!” Like I mentioned in my last post I get a lot of my furniture secondhand and then rehab it! Today I’ll be sharing a story of how I bought the a set of barstools to rehab and ended up selling them for a basically brand new set!

First things first. It took me a looooong time to figure out where to look, what to search and how to tell if something is a good deal. Two apartments and a house later, I like to think of myself as somewhat of a thrift shop connoisseur. However, I still make mistakes and bad purchases, which I’ll explain here!

As you will begin to learn, I am OBSESSED with Target. I love their Threshold line and I take advantage of their frequent sales (sign up for their emails, I swear it’s worth it!) and I could not survive without my Target Red Card. Every time you use your Red Card, you get 5% off and if you order online you get free shipping, regardless of how large or expensive the purchase is! But sometimes, you can find Threshold brand furniture for up to 65% off! Here’s one example how I got the exact look I wanted for less!

Anyway, (see, I’m obsessed, I could go on and on about Target) when my husband and I moved into our second apartment, we were in need of 3 barstools but we really did not want to spend a ton of money! I saw a few different options that I LOVED at Target, but at $100 each, they were way out of our price range. So I took to Craigslist to find some cheap barstools with a budget of $200 total. After searching for a few weeks, I came across these bad boys.

Please excuse the TERRIBLE picture, this was straight from the Craigslist seller.

A swanky restaurant in Milwaukee was renovating their bar area, so they were selling tons and tons of these stools. Some were in better condition than others, but for the price of $15 per chair, there was plenty of room in our budget for me to reupholster them if they were slightly trashed. And boy, oh boy were they in bad shape. We picked them up from the restaurant and shortly after headed over to our local Hobby Lobby to pick up some fabric and bunting to take these bad boys to the next level. Here is the after picture.


HA. Just kidding. Here’s what really happened.

After we took them home and sat on them for about 5 minutes we realized that they were the most uncomfortable chairs we had sat on in our entire lives. So I took to Craigslist again, only this time I found the most perfect stools (pictured above and available here)! The only problem was that the seller was only selling two! So, after a few hours of convincing my lovely, incredibly patient husband J hopped in the car and drove over an hour to pick up the new stools for $30 each.

This still left us a barstool short, so I kept waiting for them to go on sale at Target, watching my emails and the sales like a hawk! Then one day, I hit a Goodwill jackpot! I frequently make Goodwill stops just to check out what furniture they have, since I have found some great pieces there, and that day the Goodwill gods were looking out for me. I walked in and there it was.

The exact barstool that I needed was shoved under a shelf, still in the box from Target! For those of you who don’t know, Target sells palettes of slightly defective items (furniture, clothes, and home decor) to Goodwill. Most of the time the actual items are fine, but the boxes are pretty messed up. I snatched up the barstool for $40, an unopened shower curtain and an accent chair (still in the box).

What happened to the original barstools, you ask? I sold them for $20 each on Craigslist!

Thanks for reading friends! That’s all I have for now, don’t forget to check back for updates or subscribe to get updates!


Please note, I am not in anyway affiliated or sponsored by Target. I just really love Target and can’t help but to spread the Target love!

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